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Why Barbells Are the Greatest Allies of Those Aiming at Strength Training?

Why Barbells Are the Greatest Allies of Those Aiming at Strength Training?

If you are aiming at strength training and want to have sure-fire results safely as well as efficiently, barbells should necessarily find a place in your arsenal. Contrary to hard-to-shake notions, increase in weight and strength is a gradual process. In this process, the first reaction of your system is your muscle tissues will get torn down. After that, they will rebuild themselves to become stronger than before. Barbells will help you add to your weight and strength progressively. 

The length of barbells is generally between 5 and 7 feet. However, companies like BodyRip offer tools of 4 ft. to 7 ft. length. BodyRip also offers curl and super curl types of barbells. Further, weight plates in various designs that include polygonal, round, tri-grip, etc. are offered with their 1" Standard and 2" Olympic barbells. Their tools are made of high-quality cast iron and they are vinyl-coated as well. Apart from having a wide range of barbells with various designs of weight plates, the company offers suitable collars also for preventing the weight plates from sliding. This means the barbells they offer can be used safely, regardless of whether you use them for Olympic weightlifting, weight training, or power-lifting. 

Physical Benefits

Barbell exercises help in increasing your bone density. A good bone density level is the invisible weapon that can protect you from being affected by osteoporosis. There will be more muscle and less fat on your body, The website, IDEAFit, also points out that health risks such as diabetes, heart ailments, etc. come down drastically with resistance training using barbells. ACE also says that by lifting weights using barbells, your system will move food faster and so, you can keep health issues like colon cancer at bay.

Mental Benefits

When you become stronger with barbell exercises, you will feel more confident. The website IDEAFit interviewed a number of women who did resistance training with barbells and these women reported increased confidence and capabilities. They also said that barbell exercises fuelled their drive and so, they were able to do tasks with less efforts. With their confidence boosted up, they now have a positive attitude. Their sleeping habits have improved also, resulting in improved productivity.

While it may appear that there are significant physiological differences between women and men, there are no reasons to believe that there is a gender bias for doing barbell exercises. This means there need not be any dramatic differences in the approach of women and men.

Heavy weight-training

Since barbells are great tools for heavy weight-training, they are highly recommended for competitive and Olympic power-lifters. Of course, even those who want to build their body can also use the tools to a limited extent. 

Some of the best benefits of barbell training are:

  1. It is a simple tool and hence, learning the basic lifts is easy.
  2. Thanks to the stable and fixed weight of the barbells, they may not deviate from their normal motion range. Remember, if the barbell deviates when you are lifting heavy loads, you may be seriously injured.
  3. Progression is unlimited in a barbell which means you can keep on adding weights to it according to your needs.
  4. A barbell is a more versatile tool than weight machines. You can train every muscle of your body, thanks to its wide range of resistance. Further, you need not spend a fortune for buying a barbell set. On the contrary, if you go for other resistance equipment, you have to buy a number of tools which may prove to be an expensive proposition.
  5. Barbells are simple tools and using them is easy as well. John Sifferman, a fitness professional, also endorses on Physical Living, about the safety aspect of barbells. Since they are sturdy tools, their life-span is quite long.
  6. The adaptability and functionality aspects of barbells are amazing. You can keep on adding weights to them. You can use them for strengthening any part of your body including your spine, the lower portion of your body and the legs.

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