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Shifting Gears towards More Beneficial Workout Sessions with BodyRip Vests

Shifting Gears towards More Beneficial Workout Sessions with BodyRip Vests
Shifting Gears towards More Beneficial Workout Sessions with BodyRip Vests

If you chance to come across a BodyRip Weighted Vest and if you think that it is a cool idea to use it to enhance the effects of your work-out, you cannot be more right. In fact, you are not breaking away from the traditional workout ways by using a weighted vest during your workouts. On the contrary, you will be remaining squarely within the purview of conventional wisdom that also gives its nod to this approach. To be precise, working out with the weighted vest on your torso will be more intense. This means there may not be any necessity for you to cram a number of exercises into your workout sessions. Depending upon the resistance you need, you can add weighted bars or remove them. In other words, a BodyRip weighted vest will help you blossom into a great athlete more quickly. 

The highly versatile BodyRip Weight Vest allows you to do a wide range of exercises that include jogging, push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, sit-ups, rope climbing and so on. Your workout regimen will move several notches up once you start using a weighted vest. 

Advantages of wearing a BodyRip Weighted Vest:

  1. Your strength and endurance will increase manifold because you may need more oxygen when you do your workout with the vest on. You will be drawing out more strength from your energy store as well. This means a rightly chosen BodyRip weighted vest will immensely help you in your strength-training efforts.

    A study conducted by the Texas Tech University revealed that football players who supplemented their exercises regimen with a weighted vest training could perform substantially better than those who trained without the vests.
  2. Fitness experts have found that if the human body gets used to certain movements, it will result in what is known as "a halted progress." So, they advise people to keep varying their functional movements to derive optimum results on a consistent basis. BodyRip vests are excellent tools that can help users in varying their functional movements during their workouts. 
  3. The cardiovascular benefits bestowed by BodyRip Weighted Wests are huge since working out with them challenges users. Their ability to breathe in and optimally utilize the oxygen that enters their system will go up phenomenally because their VO2 Max will be higher. They do not get fatigued easily also. Their lungs will get stronger as well. 

    Further, working out with a weighted vest will help in bringing down the lactate threshold of users. Lactate threshold is the intensity point of exercise at which the blood starts storing lactate. This means workouts with a weighted vest will boost the energy metabolism of users.

  4. BodyRip vests can strengthen the bones of users because when they do their exercises with the vests on, the load gets transmitted to the bones, thus stimulating the cells known as osteoblasts and increasing their bone mass.
  5. BodyRip Weighted Vest is easy on the body which means it creates what is called "beneficial stress" on the spine, hips and the surrounding areas of users. In fact, the positive impact of a weighted vest on these body parts is better than what is caused by dumbbells, points out Carol Hamilton Zehnacker, a Physical Therapist. Even postmenopausal women are advised to do their treadmill-walks with a weighted vest so they can have improved balance. 


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