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Yoga Wheel Roller Ring (Choose Colour)


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  • Your Comfy Support Partner: Meet your new yoga buddy – our yoga wheel! It's designed to be your trusty sidekick during those yoga sessions, providing the perfect support to help you roll through poses smoothly and dive into those deep stretches with a big sigh of relief.
  • Built to Last, Just Like Your Yoga Journey: Our yoga wheel is more than just a prop; it's a companion built to endure the ups and downs of your wellness journey. Trust that it's there for you, sturdy and reliable, as you navigate the twists and turns of your practice.
  • Adapts to Your Yoga Story: Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned yogi, our yoga wheel is like a chameleon, adapting to your unique story. It's not just a tool; it's a friend that supports you, no matter where you are in your yoga adventures.
  • Grip That Feels Like a Hug: Imagine your yoga wheel giving you a comforting hug – that's the kind of grip you can expect! Our innovative traction feature ensures you feel secure and steady, boosting your confidence as you explore new poses and push your boundaries.
  • Your Zen Oasis on the Move: Picture this: your yoga wheel, compact and ready for action, is your go-anywhere zen oasis. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's your personal invitation to roll out your mat and find your center, whether you're at home, the gym, or taking your practice outdoors.
    • Back Opener Roll: Sit on the floor with the yoga wheel behind you. Lie back and position the wheel under your mid-back. Place your hands on the floor for support and gently roll back and forth, allowing the wheel to massage and open up your spine. This helps improve flexibility and relieve tension in the back.
    • Hip Opener Stretch: Start in a seated position with the wheel between your feet. Roll the wheel away from you, extending your legs and opening up your hips. Hold the stretch for a moment, feeling the deep stretch in your inner thighs and hips. This exercise is great for increasing hip flexibility.
    • Plank Roll: Begin in a plank position with the wheel under your feet. Engage your core and roll the wheel toward your hands, then back to the starting position. This challenges your core stability, strengthens the shoulders, and enhances overall body control.
    • Thoracic Extension Stretch: Kneel on the floor and place the yoga wheel in front of you. Extend your arms forward and place your chest on the wheel, allowing your spine to gently arch over it. This exercise helps improve thoracic spine mobility and counteracts the effects of prolonged sitting.
    • Balance Booster: Stand with one foot on the yoga wheel and the other foot on the floor. Use your arms for balance and stability. Engage your core and try to maintain your balance. This exercise not only challenges your balance but also strengthens the muscles in your legs, core, and ankles.
    For more information regarding the types of exercises suitable for this product, consult a professional gym instructor or fitness trainer. They can guide you in maintaining proper posture and preventing potential injuries.

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