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Landmine T-Bar Row Insert Fit Olympic 2" 50mm


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Benefits of Landmine T-Bar Row 50mm:
Muscle Engagement: This attachment provides a unique way to engage various muscle groups, including your back, shoulders, biceps, and core, helping you achieve a well-rounded workout.
 Sturdy Construction: Crafted with durable materials, the insert is built to withstand rigorous training sessions. Its solid steel construction ensures stability and longevity.
 Compatibility: Designed to fit 2" Olympic bars and weight plates, the insert seamlessly integrates into your existing workout equipment setup.
 360° Swivel: Enjoy complete rotational freedom with a full 360° swivel action. This feature enhances the versatility of your exercises and accommodates different movement patterns.
 Easy Installation: The insert's user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free installation, getting you into your workout routine without unnecessary delays.
 Secure Locking Mechanism: A built-in security knob securely locks the bar and weights in place, providing a safe and stable environment for your lifting sessions.

Features of Landmine T-Bar Row 50mm:
Universal Fit: Compatible with standard 2" Olympic bars and weight plates, ensuring easy integration with your existing equipment.
 Pivot Bar Sleeve: The 8” pivot bar sleeve accommodates various grip widths and angles, allowing for versatile exercises that target different muscle groups.
 Base Post: The 4” base post offers stability during exercises and is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel for durability.
 Smooth Rotation: The insert's complete circle rotation and wide-range pivot movement enhance exercise variety and intensity.
 Powder Coating: The electrostatic powder coating not only provides a sleek finish but also enhances the insert's durability and resistance to wear and tear.
 Safety Knob: The built-in security knob firmly secures the bar and weights in place, preventing any unwanted movement during workouts.

Top Quick & Easy Landmine T-Bar Row 50mm Exercises
T-Bar Rows: Load the barbell, face the attachment, and perform rows for your back.
 Landmine Press: Hold barbell at shoulder height and press overhead for shoulders and core.
 Landmine Twists: Rotate torso with barbell for obliques and core.
 Landmine Squat Press: Squat and press for legs, shoulders, and core.
 Single-Arm Landmine Rows: Perform rows from the side for balanced back work.
 Landmine Deadlifts: Lift with barbell for hamstrings and glutes.
 Landmine Lunge Press: Lunge and press for legs and shoulders.
 Landmine Bent-Over Rows: Row from hip level for back engagement.
 Landmine Russian Twists: Twist with barbell for oblique workout.
 Landmine Upright Rows: Pull barbell to chin for upper body strength.

Please Note:
For more information regarding the types of exercises suitable for these landmine t-bar row 50mm, consult a professional gym instructor or fitness trainer. They can guide you in maintaining proper posture and preventing potential injuries.

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