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Protein Shakers - Choose Colour


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BodyRip is one of the best sports equipment suppliers online offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness.

 PRODUCT INFO | Expect to receive a 26cm heigh shaker with a 10cm in diameter. Choose from blue, red or purple colour - choose whichever suits you. Eco-friendly, BPA, Toxic-free,

DESIGNED FOR FITNESS JUNKIES | Our protein shakers are constructed to have three-layered containers at the bottom for protein powder drink, creatine, vitamins, capsules, pre and/or post-workout products, and other supplements. A very handly jug that lets you keep all of your stuff in just one container.

A PERFECT HYDRATION GIFT | We all have that friend or family member that loves to stay fit and healthy, right? Then why hold back giving a useful tool for them to stay hydrated while working out? They will surely love our shaker, and you can use one yourself.

 PRIORITY TARGET | Affordable and Quality are the best we offer! So don't doubt yourself, be brave, be healthy, and be an improvement to yourself.

Our Protein Shakers offer features and benefits that are worth your every penny.
• Customizable in height and layers
• Easy access to get your self hydrated
• 3-way storage system for your supplements
• Wire whisk included for even, smooth and fine shakes
• Its Eco-friendly, BPA (Organic), and its Toxic-free
• Good for Gym, Home workout, Cycling or even Travel
• Size is 26cm in height and 10cm in diameter
• A great companion to achieve a healthier lifestyle
• Maintains the temperature of the mixture for a certain amount of time

Effects of Barbell Exercises
• Strong and healthy bones
• Strengthen connective tissue
• More muscle mass to boost confidence
• Life becomes easier doing activities
• Keeps you leaner and fit
• Stave off cardiovascular diseases
• Boost metabolism and fat loss
• Better physical look, mental state and energy level
• Reduces risks of sickness, illnesses or diseases
• Improve strength, endurance, posture and balance
• Sense of achievement and motivation

What should I drink when working out?
• Water is the best drink to satisfy thirst and replace fluid lost during exercise. Drink water before you start exercising, too.
• Water boasts a huge list of benefits. It’s natural, free, readily available, contains no kilojoules, and contains fluoride, which is good for your teeth.

How much do I drink after exercising?
• To adequately rehydrate after your exercise session, aim to drink one and a half times the fluid you lost while exercising. Don’t do this all in one go. Spread it over the next two to six hours.
• You need to drink more fluid than you lost while exercising because you continue to lose fluid through sweating and urination for some time after you have finished your session.

• Please make sure to choose prefered colour before checking out
• Avoid putting a super high-temperature liquid that might damage the shaker