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Yoga Workout Pair Green Foam Bricks


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BodyRip is one of the best sports equipment suppliers online offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness.

DESIGNED FOR HEALTH & CARE | Our foam yoga is constructed to have a soft, comfortable surface - a popular choice for yoga studios, home practise, gym sessions or travel. Its round edges and corners added comfort, balance and handgrip, ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses.

 A PERFECT YOGA GIFT | We all have that friend or family member that loves to stay fit and healthy, right? Then why hold back giving them such useful and handy equipment? They will surely love our yoga blocks, and you can use one too.

SET INCLUSIONS | Yoga bricks come in pairs, with each having (22.8cmx15.25cmx10cm) size. Please carefully choose your preferred colour and before proceeding to check out. Affordable and Quality is the best we offer! So don't doubt yourself, be brave, be healthy, and be an improvement to yourself.

Our Yoga Bricks offer features and benefits that are worth your every penny
• Support range of motion, thereby shortening the distance between you and the floor
• Assist in establishing correct alignment (correcting your spine while laying down)
• Help make yoga accessible to beginners and those experiencing injury or other physical limitations
• Bring awareness to properly engage and support muscles in a specific pose
• Can be placed at the low, medium and high positions to accommodate more or less support
• Improving your body weight means improving you mentally and physically
• Using a Yoga ball regularly during your workout routine can improve your flexibility
• It can definitely improve your balance by just stilling on it engages your stabiliser muscles
• Yoga ball strengthens your core which makes any workout more challenging and hence more rewarding
• It will prevent you from having back problems as it supports your lower back when you stretch and exercise

Top Quick & Easy Yoga Brick Exercises
• Supported Chest Opener
• Puppy Pose
• Yoga Bicycles
• Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) A
• Step-Through
• Stability Work
• Upper-Body Strength
• Handstand Hops
• Psoas Release
• Neck Release

Benefits of Yoga Exercises
• Increased flexibility - you are now in control of every joint in your body
• Stronger toned muscles - the better shape, the better confidence boost you will feel
• Better respiration, energy and vitality - no more out of breath feeling when doing simple tasks
• Balanced metabolism - you will feel quicker, faster and more agile in every situation
• Weight reduction - shaping your body to your desired figure. Cardio, circulatory health, and fitness are very important, indeed

NOTE: For more information about the types of exercise, you can do with our Yoga Brick. Please consult a gym instructor or a fitness trainer - they can provide you with the proper posture to avoid injuries or risk of sprains.