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Yoga Mat Purple NBR 15mm w/ Strap


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BodyRip is one of the best sports equipment suppliers online offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness.

DESIGNED TO BE VERSATILE & IDEAL | Its closed-cell material making you less worry about your mat soaking up sweat or moisture. It can be used for Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Core Fitness Exercises, General Workouts, Meditation and more!

A PERFECT EXERCISE GIFT | We all have that friend or family member that loves to stay fit and healthy, right? Then why hold back giving them such useful and handy equipment? They will surely love our yoga mats, and you can use one too.

PRIORITY TARGET | Please make sure to carefully choose your preferred colour and size before proceeding to check out. Affordable and Quality is the best we offer! So don't doubt yourself, be brave, be healthy, and be an improvement to yourself.

Our Yoga Mats offer features and benefits that are worth your every penny.
• Perfect present for yoga or even gym junkies
• Lightweight and portable, easy to travel with
• Different colours available: Blue, Purple, and Black
• Ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching and toning workouts
• Ideal for home, gym or any place you feel comfortable doing yoga
• Designed to provide optimal comfort and support during your exercise routines

Safety Tips & Reminders
• Be aware of when to wash your mat (regular washing will damage it). Use appropriate may cleaning materials and tools to extend the mat's life span
• Using a washing machine to clean the yoga mat might be a bad idea, especially for hard washes
• Avoid your mat getting a direct hit by sunlight for a long period of time. It will harden the material and dry out
• Proper storage is a must if you are planning to use this mat for a long time! We highly recommend using a Yoga Bag to protect it from any possible damage

Benefits of Yoga Exercises
• Increased flexibility - you are now in control of every joint in your body
• Stronger toned muscles - the better shape, the better confidence boost you will feel
• Better respiration, energy and vitality - no more out of breath feeling when doing simple tasks
• Balanced metabolism - you will feel quicker, faster and more agile in every situation
• Weight reduction - shaping your body to your desired figure. Cardio, circulatory health, and fitness are very important, indeed

Core Exercises Using Yoga Mat
• Elbow Plank & Leg Lift
• Opposite Arm & Leg Lift
• Single-Leg Glute Bridge
• Figure Four Bridge
• Marching Hip Raise
• Bodyweight Squats
• Modified V-up

NOTE: For more information about the types of exercise, you can do with our Yoga Mat. Please consult a gym instructor or a fitness trainer - they can provide you with the proper posture to avoid injuries or risk of sprains.