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Set Of 24, 28, 32 Kg Cast Iron Kettle Bell Home


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Fantastic Quality Cast Iron Kettlebells from BodyRip !

Colour: Black

Ergo designed easy grip handle
Perfect for home use or to take to your favorite boot camp session.
Kettlebell training helps tone muscles and burn fat.
Perfect for a full body workout in your own home.

Just a few of the benefits of kettle bells:

1. They are great for use indoors and outdoors as you need very little space which is also great when it comes to storing.

2. Improved Cardiovascular abilities (in a small space)
By teaming a number of Kettlebell exercises together into what is known as a complex you can perform circuits of 5-6 exercises back to back with minimal rest. These complexes will improve your work capacity in a short time. You also dont need a lot of space to do them. Less space and less time required - it doesnt get any better.

3. Better grip strength
Due to its awkward nature the kettlebell will really work your grip as part of your workout. If youre a fighter, climber or someone who wants to improve their grip the Kettlebell will help!

4. A proven history
Kettlebells are not a new invention. They are not a quick route to a 6-pack. They are however a tool used throughout the years by many strongmen and athletes and you can benefit from all that knowledge now. Kettlebells are here to stay!